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At JMedia, we support you as a coach by developing your online brand credibility, enabling you to reach quality clients via
E-commerce, brand design, video & marketing strategy for social media

During my time as head of marketing for UK’s largest coaching school I had the chance to collaborate, interview, film, podcast and case study many of the industries most successful coaches. 

There was one question that every new coach wanted to know the answer to…


What is the secret to building a successful coaching business?


 The secret is…there is no secret! 

You just need to be a GOOD coach, however you do need to be EXCELLENT at communicating what it is you do.

 It is true you will pick up clients via recommendations by being a great coach. But, that is going to take some time.  

After all, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and energy into your coaching development journey already and you want to start seeing a return on your investment?

Where to start and what is the winning formula?



Jay website

Jay Mewes – Owner, JMedia

We create your digital brand from scratch and take care of ALL the necessary elements of the process from ZERO to LAUNCH


 PHASE 1 |  We work with you to extract your coaching mission and message, personality and how you want to show up online.

PHASE 2 |  We then start the development process of building your brand new website and social media channels. Before that we need to develop your personal brand identity, including   logo, brand bible, colour pallets, font families and photos.


PHASE 3 |  In this step we work with you to curate your launch marketing content and campaign, tailored to your communication style & preferences using the mediums of  video, audio, branded graphics for social media, photography or a mix of all.


PHASE 4 | The exciting part…LAUNCH and share your coaching business with the world!

On the job



Professional brand photography

Podcast: video & audio

Multi-camera interview & introduction videos

Branded social media video campaigns

Retreat & Event filming


What People Say

The thought of promoting myself in the digital world was an overwhelming and daunting process and I didn’t know where to begin until I met Jay. 

His passion and enthusiasm for what he does always shines through and makes working with him such an enjoyable experience. I have learned to fully rely on his experience and professionalism and trust his results. 

I highly recommend JMedia to anyone!

Oliva D’Silva – Life Coach & Author

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Zoe Williams – Coach & Founder: